Player Development Curriculum

With over 20 years in the community, Magic SC is committed to providing its players with the finest developmental opportunities in the area. This is achieved by offering a comprehensive player development program, divided into three stages.

  • Stage 1: Academy (8U – 10U)

    Magic SC believes in the importance of developing technical proficiency in the early years. Under the guidance of our Academy Director, our 8U–10U players focus on individual skill and decision-making in order to establish a solid foundation in the game.

    We understand that winning has its place, but we believe that development is paramount. The objective in these early years is to instill confidence and creativity in the player’s ability by helping them to master the fundamentals while acquiring a love for the game in a fun, player-centered environment.

    The Academy program is always accepting new players—fall, winter, and spring!

    Eligible ages for the 2017–2018 season:

    • 7U: 2011 birth year

    • 8U: 2010 birth year

    • 9U: 2009 birth year

    • 10U: 2008 birth year

    Travel for Academy players is minimal. All games are played in northern Indiana.

    For information on the Academy schedule, see our Schedule and Commitment page.

    For information on the cost of the Academy, see our Registration Fees page.

  • Stage 2: Youth (11U – 12U)

    The 11U–12U period represents the critical transition period in a player’s development. During these “golden years of learning,” players achieve advanced competency in basic techniques and this platform allows for the introduction of more sophisticated skills. Basic small-sided principles of attacking and defending are also developed.

    Teams at these ages are placed in divisions in accordance with the level of talent on the team. The goal of this structure is to ensure the players are in suitably challenging environments.

    Travel is normally within northern Indiana. Our most competitive teams, however, will sometimes be placed in a state-wide league that will require periodic trips to central Indiana.

    For information on the schedule, see our Schedule and Commitment page.

    For information on the cost of the program, see our Registration Fees page.

  • Stage 3: ECU (13U – 18U)

    Starting at 13U, players move to adult-sized fields and the competitive focus of play is increased. In addition to proficiency at a wide range of skills, an enhanced tactical understanding becomes more important.

    Teams are placed in divisions in accordance with the level of talent. Further, there are normally multiple teams at this age and, consequently, players are placed on teams according to their ability.

    Because of the increased roster sizes needed and the enhanced competitiveness at these ages, Magic SC partners with the Elkhart Flames, Goshen Stars, and Northwood Pumas to form teams under Elkhart County United (ECU).

    Travel for these ages varies depending on the division within which the team plays, but it can often involve playing games throughout southern Michigan and northern and central Indiana. Our most competitive teams sometimes travel in other parts of the Midwest as well.

    For more information on the schedule and fees, please visit Elkhart County United.

Long-Term Player Development

In accordance with the U.S. Youth Soccer player development model, the following are our top objectives in developing soccer players:

  1. Develop the child’s appreciation of the game.
  2. Keep winning and losing in perspective.
  3. Be sensitive to each player’s development needs.
  4. Educate the players to the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game for their level of play.
  5. Allow players to experience all positions.
  6. Ensure players have fun and receive positive feedback.
  7. Conduct training in the spirit of enjoyment and learning.
  8. Provide the appropriate number of training sessions and matches according to the player’s stage of development.
  9. Strive to help each player reach their full potential.
League Play:

Magic SC (and Elkhart County United) compete in the Indiana Soccer League (ISL) and, if the team qualifies, in the Midwest Regional League (MRL). The league system is tiered based on competitiveness. Please see the chart below.

Age Group ISL Academy
Level 1-4
2nd White
Travel Northern Indiana Northern Indiana Northern Indiana Northern Indiana Statewide Statewide Statewide Midwest Midwest
8U-10U X
11U-12U X X X X
13U-18U X X X X X X X