Schedule & Commitment

Playing Schedule

The Magic SC schedule includes a fall and spring outdoor season along with winter indoor training sessions.

The fall season runs, roughly, from mid-August through October. The spring season runs from mid-March through early June.  During both the fall and spring seasons, teams will practice twice per week with approximately ten games normally scheduled over the weekends. There is also an optional third practice or open play session made available to the teams. Thus, the Magic SC player can usually expect a soccer activity 3-4 times per week during the season.

For winter play, from November through February, teams will take part in weekly indoor (futsal) training sessions. In addition, optional participation in an indoor or futsal league, or in tournaments, is made available to players. There is normally an extended break during the holidays. The Magic SC player can usually expect a soccer activity 1-2 times per week during the winter.

Player Commitment

Magic SC understands that our players will be engaged in activities outside of soccer. We do not expect our players to dedicate their lives to soccer at an early age to the exclusion of other activities. On the contrary, Magic SC recognizes that a multi-sport experience, especially from  6 to 12 years of age, provides a solid base to long-term development as a soccer player.

Yet, while we recognize that specialization in one sport during the early ages is inappropriate, limiting participation to just three months out of the year is inadequate for the acquisition of the requisite skills needed to be a competent player at the later stages of development. For this reason, players are expected to participate in winter and spring play, even if in a more limited capacity. Coaches will make accommodations for players who may have conflicts due to basketball or baseball/softball, just as they will make accommodations for players in music or other extra-curricular activities; but, there is an expectation that such players will still be a consistent, if more limited, presence throughout the fall, winter and spring seasons.